The Let’s get Physical (LGP) anti-festival is an independent event of free and low-cost theatre happenings for all ages including performances, classes, workshops, and poetry readings. The LGP anti-festival is designed to showcase the diversity and excellence of various theater forms. From theatre and dance performances, to physical theatre to mime performances for children to poetry readings to live music to participatory workshops, the LGP anti-festival offers something for everyone!

The LGP anti-festival is a celebration of the diversity of theatre activities and movement art. 

For this event, the programmers have invited theatermakers, dancers, performers, musicians and poets from the Netherlands and abroad to come together to share their work with the public in the spaces of the Vrij Paleis, de Nieuwe Anita and in Studio ReMO in Amsterdam.


We believe that theatre, dance and movement art offer a great enrichment to people. Especially in a time when physical contact is suddenly regulated. Because the latest restrictions have not only affected people in the Netherlands, but people all over the world, we work with national and international artists. Forms of physical contact are of course highly culturally determined. We want to show how artists from different cultures deal with global restrictions, changing norms and public spaces. In this way we can show the diversity of the theater and movement arts and the absurdity of ‘our’ time to a wide audience.

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