1. Physical Theatre laboratory by Javier Murugarren

One-day immersive lab on phonetic and physical improvisation

This laboratory is aimed to anyone interested in developing the imaginative potential of the body through the investigation of movement and voice regardless of their level of experience. We will facilitate effective tools of movement, voice and text research to boost personal and collective search.
The proposed exercises include elements of release technique, physical theatre, vocal/text research, body weather and partnering. Exploration topics will be proposed. 

The class begins with an aerobic training using stretching, coordination exercises and games to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind. During the second half, we’ll use binary/group manipulations, improvisation and instant composition to fire up creative processes. Priority will be given to observation and feedback.


How do we interconnect body and voice in a clear and intuitive way? How can we integrate different disciplines into a concrete form? How can we generate, evolve and mutate the identity of our movement?

Time: 14 to 19 pm Saturday 27 November, Studio ReMO (see programme)

Fee: 50 euro (please contact us via email to register)

2. Improvistodanza: echoes/children – improvisation for everyone

Workshop description: Monica and David will facilitate an instant composition workshop and invite participants to get physical with the space, utilising both indoor and outdoor spaces. This will utilise some of the techniques and themes of their new work.

Times: 11-13 pm Sunday 28 November, Vrij Paleis (see programme)

Fee: by donation (please contact us via email to register)


“The Body in Motion” is a contemporary and flamenco fusion that invites everyone to
dance inspired among others by Aldous Huxley’s poem about Almería( city in south of
Spain), to connect with oneself through emotions, sensations that are proposed to us. Feel the pleasure of movement and creation with others.

The workshop would include Contemporary and Flamenco dance, Pilates/Yoga
warm up and some theatre exersises. To this warm up all levels can attend.

The topic to be explored in the workshop would be the creation of short compositions
inspired by Aldus Huxley’s poem about Almería which we will later use in our show
that you can join if you feel like it.

This workshop includes the individual and group work.

Let’s discover the taste of Almeria through the eyes of Aldous Huxley moving our soul
and body.

No special outfit needed ( comfortable clothes). No experience needed.

Kasia Ozog: Lyrical Jazz Contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher

Time: 15-17 pm Saturday 27 November, Vrij Paleis AND 11-13 pm Sunday 28 November, Studio ReMo (see programme)

Fee: 10€ / person / 1 day or 15€ / person / 2 days

4. METRAZ: BREATH – Physical Theatre Workshop

Workshop description:

We breathe, breathe, breathe. The breath is important. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale.
We breathe.
We move – we breathe. We think – we breathe.
We breathe – we breathe.
We feel the impulse – we act!
We cordially invite you to our workshop on breathing movement of thoughts, impulse and action!
It will be loud, it will be “physical”, there will be music, it will be a lot of fun.
We only require comfortable shoes and good humor 🙂

Time: 17-19 pm, Sunday 28 November, Vrij Paleis

Fee: 10€ / person / 1 day

5. Irene Siekman: Using improv to write plays that people want to see

Description: Irene Siekman has been writing plays with her group (Theatergroep Irene & Co) since 2012. They start with improv and end up with a custom-made full-length script that is both entertaining ánd incorporates current affairs. In this workshop Irene shares some of her methods to inspire other writers, directors and creators.

Time: 14:30 – 16:30 pm, Sunday 28 November, Vrij Paleis
Fee: 10€ / person / 1 day

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